Friday, March 10, 2006

no movement no sound no memories remixed

Out today: no movement no sound no memories "Acetate" 12inch vinyl and "Removed/Acetate" compact disc on lux nigra.
Includes remixes by modeselektor, claro intelecto, james din a4 and fwd>> djs maxximus as well as something j [in collaboration with bill youngman].

" maxximus gives 'Acetate' a swaggering stutter-funk 'Cold Water' overhaul to nicely complement james din a4's crisp, pinprick strut. something j | bill youngman's 'Skeletal Decisions' takes the tune on a dystopic hip-hop trip, pairing an MC's logorrheic flow with clattering breaks..." [Textura, March 2006]

"...Die Remixe der älteren EP lehnen sich zumeist an diese Klangästhetik an, die der neueren aber gehen weiter. maxximus entwirft einen holprigen Subbass-Dubber, something j & bill youngman nehmen den Weg verfrickelten DigiHops..." [Groove, #99, March 2006]

" maxximus somehow incorporates the honks into a basic, bass-heavy grime break. The 'Skeletal Decisions' version by bill youngman and something j also takes a grime approach, with a stilted rap over churning synths. This is a candidate for 'Futurism Ain't Shit to Me 3'!..." [Gridface, March 2006]

Vinyl and cd versions can be ordered here.


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